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3 sliding doors
Image shows 3 door
sliding mirror wardrobe

Quality made to measure sliding mirror wardrobe doors available at low prices.

  • We require the overall size of your opening, we will make the deductions for the tracking,

    DO NOT ORDER "door" sizes, we will manufacture a set of doors and top and botton track to suit the size which you have given, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THIS IS THE OVERALL WIDTH X HEIGHT OF YOUR OPENING

  • Determine the aperture size for your Mirror Wardrobe Doors. This will then determine how many doors you will need. Height can be no larger than
    2450mm(8' 0").
  • If the aperture is less than 1800mm (5' 10") then you will only require 2 doors. More than 1800mm then you will require 3 or more doors, as the maximum door size is 850mm (2' 9"). The maximum aperture size we can fill is 5000mm (16' 4").

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