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Image shows 3 door
sliding mirror wardrobe

Quality made to measure sliding mirror wardrobe doors available at low prices.


We recommend that you first install MFC liners to form a U shape.
1 Floor liner and a liner on each wall if applicable. we supply liners 100mm wide 2450mm long (to be trimmed down) and 18mm thick. If you have opted for our liners we will adujust the door sizes to suit. If you do not opt for our liners then we will not make any adjustment.

1. Trim Track to Fit Opening
Using a fine tooth hacksaw, cut the Top Guide Channel and Bottom Track 1/16" (2mm) shorter than the opening width. Insert 2x4(51mmx102mm) wood blocks into channel for support.

*Tracks are delivered slightly oversized and are to be cut down to size on site with a junior hacksaw. This is to ensure a tight and neat finish, and for transportation reasons.

2. Attach Top Guide Channel
Screw Top Guide Channel into the header of your opening locating the front edge 1/16" (2mm) back from the jamb face as shown. Avoid using excessive force when screwing into header as this could deform the Top Guide Channel.

3. Attach Bottom Track
Locate the leading edge of the floor track 7/8" (22mm) back from the front face of the jamb so doors will hang plumb.

4. Install Wardrobe Doors
Tilt the door and insert the top guides into the rear channel. Insert the bottom rollers into the rear groove of the bottom track. To prevent scratching, place two pieces of wood or cardboard over the bottom track. Repeat with the second door, using the front channel and groove.

5. Adjust Wardrobe Doors
For vertical adjustment of each door use a pozi screwdriver on the bottom roller.


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