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Image shows 3 door
sliding mirror wardrobe

To price your mirror wardrobe doors, please click here and fill out our interactive pricing software

Tracks are delivered slightly oversized and are to be cut down to size on site with a junior hacksaw. This is to ensure a tight and neat finish, and for transportation reasons.

Once we have recieved your order a member of staff will contact you for payment details.

Any Damage to our products (especially glass products) must be reported to the driver.
It is your responsibility to thoroughly check the goods at the point of delivery.
We are unable to accept responsibility after the point of delivery.

** Disclaimer: Images and Colours may differ slightly from those shown.

Note About Colour Accuracy

** Variations in colours and patterns do occur to those illustrated due to manufacturing and printing lmitations.

***We have taken great care to present our products, in digital form, as true to actual color as possible. However, computer monitors vary widely, and one colour may not appear identical from one monitor to the next.

Most monitors are calibrated at the factory to optimize crispness of text, not colour accuracy. The result is a "bluish white," rather than a neutral one. To display colour accurately, you need to calibrate your monitor to eliminate colour cast in the display. Many computer/monitor set-ups come with monitor calibration software. Most colour graphics programs include monitor calibration software. If neither of these are available to you, countless third-party programs are available -- off the shelf, or as freeware or shareware, that will work with your equipment.





Email us here at give us details of the sizes you require and we'll go through your order. These made to measure mirror wardrobe doors.


By Phone

01325 310520

A member of staff will assist you in placing your order. Please, when ordering, have appropriate details ready.

By E-mail

If you would like to order by email, please use this link:

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