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Image shows 3 door
sliding mirror wardrobe

Quality made to measure sliding mirror wardrobe doors available for the low prices listed here. We pay the VAT on your mirror wardrobe doors, and we currently offer a 50% discount. The price in blue is the price you pay.

*Free tracks with every order*

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These doors can be made up to a height of 2450mm (8' 0")

To fit size No. of doors Our Price
up to 1700mm
(5' 6")
Click Here to build your wardrobe doors
1701mm to 2600mm
(5' 7" to 8' 6")
Click Here to build your wardrobe doors
2601mm to 3500mm
(8' 6" to 11' 5")
Click Here to build your wardrobe doors
3501mm to 4400mm
(11' 5" to 14' 5")
Click Here to build your wardrobe doors
4401mm to 5000mm
(14' 5" to 16' 4"
Click Here to build your wardrobe doors

Click on the links above to build your custom sized mirror wardrobe doors. below are a list of available extras that can be included with your wardrobe doors.

Available Extras Info
Lacquer panel
Coloured laquer to
upgrade your panels
Woodgrain Effect Panel
Woodgrain effect to
upgrade your panels
Etch Print Effect
Etch print effect to
upgrade your panels
Oriental Bars
Oriental bars effect to
upgrade your panels
Woodgrain Effect End Panel
600mm x 2450mm x 18mm

There is a choice of these coloured frames for your sliding wardrobe doors. Please note that every colour is free for a limited period as in introductory offer except for the chrome finish. Upgrade to a Chrome Frame for FREE.

Tracks are delivered slightly oversized and are to be cut down to size on site with a junior hacksaw. This is to ensure a tight and neat finish, and for transportation reasons.

** Disclaimer: Images and Colours may differ slightly from those shown.

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Most monitors are calibrated at the factory to optimize crispness of text, not colour accuracy. The result is a "bluish white," rather than a neutral one. To display colour accurately, you need to calibrate your monitor to eliminate colour cast in the display. Many computer/monitor set-ups come with monitor calibration software. Most color graphics programs include monitor calibration software. If neither of these are available to you, countless third-party programs are available -- off the shelf, or as freeware or shareware, that will work with your equipment.

Email us here at give us details of the sizes you require and we'll go through your order. These made to measure mirror wardrobe doors.

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